I2C usage - from EasyC tech support forum

This question was asked in the EasyC tech support forum.

and received the following response from Intelitek.

I would like to ask the OP if they have something specific in mind. It is possible to write user code to access the I2C hardware at a low level in EasyC, however, it is difficult and would require disabling (or really just not using) the existing functions for the IMEs.

I would like to ask Adam if he can share any of the plans and schedules that Intelitek has for additional features in EasyC. There have been promises of enhancements before (vex speaker, ultrasonic resolution) and yet we have not seen any new features for at least a year. Is EasyC a dead product? Is a developer actively working on new features?

If the OP has an interesting project/sensor in mind it may be something that could be done using the code developed (and Iā€™m afraid still not released for various reasons) and discussed in this thread on open source development.


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