Iao School is heading to WORLDS -803b

+We would like to thank our alliance partners 2460 and 1431 for helping us to make it to the finals! We hope to see both of you guys at worlds although we never qaulified as an alliance…Iao School is heading to WORLDS for there first time! So please look for us when were at WORLDS!

congrats!!! from team 394 highlands inter. school look 4 us 2!!! reamber middel schools can do alot 2!!!:smiley:

haha yup we will look for u! Thank u for saying congratulations! We are also an intermediate if u didnt know from maui!!! Yes i know intermediate schools can do alot like u guys! :smiley: IF your remember us we were the claw robot team! But we are possibly going to be able to rebuild our robot to be a dumper robot!

coolz!:smiley: hope it goes well not much time left!

thankz do u remember us from nanukuli? we were the claw robot :smiley:

yup! i reamember you allrealy well! yah over thare the middel walls wernt screwed in and it took 4ever 4 the white line:rolleyes:
u remember us right?

yea ofcourse i do i always remember cool ppl like ur team :smiley:

Congratulations Iao on having your Judges Award upgraded (appropriately) to an Excellence Award. It is very much deserved!

Good luck next month!

Thank u so mckinely that means so much to me and the whole team! Thank u for being very awesome partners twice during seeding rounds (368e) at nanukuli. Are you guys planning to go worlds because I thought you guys have qaulifications? If you guys do go Worlds next month then see you guys there! Can’t wait to see you guys again if you guys do go! Good Luck next month if you guys go, and if not you guys had a good run this year in clean sweep. Your guys robots are awesome. We are hoping to build a dumper robot before worlds, and were trying to use your guys one as an example! Once again Thank You so much team kika mana! :smiley: Thank you we hope to see you at WORLDS!