Ice Bucket Challenge Poll

Hey guys! So I was trying to think of ways we could get Vex Robotics out into the world, and more recognized. One of the things I came up with was a spin off of the ALS ice bucket challenge. What if we raised awareness for all the nerds/geeks/smart people who do Vex, or any sort of robotics at all? We could post the video to youtube using say, a new hashtag, or something, maybe just a specific title. I know this is kind of pointless, but I want to see what you guys think, after all, we are possibly going to expand the popularity of robotics… (?) So here are my ideas for the challenge:

‘icebucket’ challenge using old ** soft ** game pieces. (nbn balls, stars and cubes, or even mix in a beach ball from toss-up. You catch my drift)

The Water Game Meme: continue using ice or ice water, but include this is for vex, and a link to the video of the Water Game guy, this would be more of an inside joke, but i’m sure the joke would spread after a while, providing we include the link to that video, and possibly an explanation in the description box.

Let me know what you guys think, and if you have any more ideas. Once I figure out how many people like what ideas, (if at all) I will be the first to post a video on my YouTube channel and tag another youtube channel here or on youtube. Also, it would be cool to post the video to the forum also, providing it stays on this conversation so we don’t litter the forum too much.

**let me know if I shouldn’t be posting something like this, since we are trying to keep the forum mostly business, I wasn’t sure if this would cross the line or not.

ehhh idk. Seems kinda pointless because 1 vex is already growing like crazy and 2 its not for a meaningful cause its just to dump stuff on you and make a video and get views. I see what you are getting at but sorry, seems like a slight waste of time.

no problem! it was just a random thought, and i was like, i wonder what everyone else would think?

Hm… We could just host “microcompetitions” around the states to promote the competitions. Like have somewhere of 4-8 teams competing to show how VEX works, and that “you can too join VEX!” By the way, just by showing a robot that has an arm is interesting enough for the open world to catch interest. :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT//: But good and inspiring idea, though :slight_smile: