iD Tech Camp

Has anyone ever heard of this place and attened for one summer?

I am currently in the process of being a Techincal Instructor for the course.

yes i was thinking of going to the course over the summer a while back and i’m still deciding.

Do they employ high school students for summer work?

does anyone know hat specifically is covered in the robotics course, all of the sessions?

Hey I was just woundering if any one was planning on going to any of the summer camps advertised on the vexlabs website. I was thinking about going to one of them here in Texas (probably in Austin) and was just woundering if I was alone.

i might be going but just to let u know there is another thread called id tech camps and this is the same course same people same everything so u might want to check that out.

I went last summer and it was a BLAST!
They were making pretty basic robots, but the instructors didn’t mind when I “upgraded” mine.

can you jump straight to the advanced/expert course? or do you have to go in order (1,2,3,4…)

sound pretty cool i might look into it.

If you are thinking about attending, what are your locations of choice?

Here’s my choices to be a technical assitant:
University of Michigan
Fordham University
Carnegie Mellon
University of Miami

I went to the Programming & Robotics course last year at UC Berkley. It was how I got started using vEx. I was the main programmer for the robots on my team.