IDE for Vex EDR

What IDEs are there for the Vex EDR kit? I tried PROSe but it wouldn’t flash the mcu (Ubuntu with kernel 3.16).


PROS (which is eclipse IDE)
Eclipse (or PROS IDE) with ConVEX runtime library

PROS has a flash tool written in Java, There is also an open source STM32 flash tool for Mac/Windows that should be able to be built for Linux.

When using Linux you need the programming kit (USB to serial adapter connected to joystick), the USB A-A cable direct to the cortex does not have a driver.

Interesting. I was planning on starting with PROS then moving to ConVEX later. Could you elaborate on the serial adapter? Is it just USB A from computer to joystick and cable from joystick to the mcu?

The programing kit used to consist of a prolific USB-serial adapter combined with a RS232 to TTL level converter (which also had an mcu inside that used “special” commands to put the cortex into programming mode). The latest is a proprietary USB to serial adapter that performs the same function.

Joystick to cortex can either be the USB A-A cable or the VEXnet WiFI keys for wireless download and debug.