Idea Compitition

That is right, a new compitition! This time it is to see who can design/build the most creative, innovative, and out-of-the box robot. You must build it with VEX, BUT you may also use other parts.

Good luck!:smiley:

how long do we have to build it, our robot we are bringing to the April 21 scrimmage in Manassas, VA would suit this category. After that date we will release pictures and videos on our website.

But not until then! We have created a very unique and reliable robot for the HAR challenge. Its killing me to sit here right now and look at it but tell everyone all about it. Now all we need is a Jaw-dropping auto program.:frowning:

You have 'till the end of this month

It’ll be done by then. We’ll have pictures and video from the April 21 scrimmage to go by.