Idea for 2018-19 Game?!

Idea for 2018-19 game?!

Yes, ok, we just saw the game reveal at worlds, and are just starting to strategize, but why not fantasize about what’s to come? My friends and I have compiled a few ideas that may be worth hearing.

Vex Stairstep? Incline?
We envision a stairstep objective, that can be crafted out of the items around the field. The two teams should work side by side, building a stairwell with the incentive to climb it. Such materials would have to be sturdy, durable, and easy to work with. At the halfway mark, the robots should be required to climb their constructed stairway, or attempt to do so. Yes, the idea is quite vague, and could be made hard to achieve. Alas, we truly believe that this would be a good challenge for students everywhere to test their skills.
Any comments?


How about something with uneven terrain? Or something where pinning is allowed, like Vex sumo, or something.

Good idea but it really drags down the stronger teams because they will often be stuck with a weak partner

Good Ideas Here

I Think it might be a king of the hill game type but instead of robots on the hill you get your goals on them and score on them.