Idea for a new logbooking system

This year, I came across many things that changed how I view logbooks. This year, I went to my state science fair and won two awards off of a sub-par experiment. I was unable understand this until I eventually came to the realization of what interviewers and judges really want. Data collection, analysis, and complex systems are great, but people really want to see are tangible results. The fact that I was to bring in a byproduct of my experiment led to judges leaving good remarks on the experiment. This is where my proposal comes in. Rather than make a daily entry in a logbook, what if I made a daily video series going through the progression of the robot throughout the season? To turn this in I would submit a tablet or other media player with all the videos easily accessible from it. I see nothing in the game manual pertaining to this be acceptable or not.

Please read the previous posts regarding submissions for judging. Judges do not accept materials for review in any form other than hard copy. Judges are not expected to be responsible personal electronics and are not expected to plug in team provided hardware, such as thumb drives, into their personal equipment.