Idea of DR4B alternative

Build a DR4B robot need lots of c-channel, so we were finding new design that use less c-channel, therefore we can build the third robot, then this idea hit my mind some days before. We were wondering whether it works or not.

Interesting, but you are losing the added height of the middle part of the DR4B that you removed. Also, making something that has to lift so much with chain makes for a significantly less stable lift.

It sounds doable. We had a lift made of 2 chain bars mounted together that worked ok, not great, but certainly usable.

There was a thread on this a few months ago.

It is very similar idea. The 30 tooth sprocket and 15 tooth tank sprocket is the only pair that is ratio 2:1 I can find.
I made try, the 30 tooth sprocket is too large.

What about 6 and 12 tooth or 12 and 24 tooth sprockets?

Interesting idea, however I would be concerned about gears slipping… which is why a dr4b is used more often. It a), has a little more height than this, b) has a lower chance of slipping, and c), I can’t think of a way to tension this. However, you can try as I have not seen something like this before.