Hi guys, I want to see a game in the future that really has input from the drive team, like there as in FRC aerial ascent. For example i would have liked it if the drive team members shot the balls into the net.
What do you think?

Ya I agree witht that, because then it becomes less robotics and more basketball. The Vex game should always be played based on the robot building, driving, and programming skills of the teams.

This is a robotics competition and doesn’t really have room for that kind of human interaction. Previously human interaction was limited to touching your robot during autonomous/programming skills which was also made it more repositioning skills rather than actual programming or autonomous (it’s not autonomous if you’re touching your robot…) I think it’s a good thing we are moving away from human interaction.

Loading skills anyone?

Human players in FRC are very limited in what they are able to do to affect the match. Very few FRC games allow the human player to score a significant amount of points. The issue with having a human player in VEX is that the field is so small that it is hard to place limitations, such as a six foot high wall (Recycle Rush) or a 12 inch wide hole (Stronghold), that would make it difficult for a human player to affect matches more than the robots. The closest VEX can get is a human loader.

Tell that to all the autonomous robots at the Darpa competition over the summer. :wink:

I did not say that human players do not matter. I have quite a lot of respect for human players (I have been the human player for the past two FRC seasons). A human player can only help score points if the robots are good and human players cannot score points in a fashion such as that suggested by @Infinity plus 1 . A lone human player cannot win a match.

So did I.

Back in vex elevation (I think it was elevation) the human players could lift a gate for the robot. However, this was from seven years ago, so I think it is unlikely vex will do something similar to this again

That was gateway 4 years ago.

do you mean aerial assist or ultimate ascent? I don’t think the vex field is big enough for human scoring like in ultimate ascent. That year, the Frisbees thrown were being thrown 54 feet away at a 7 foot high goal around 2 pyramids in the center. This made shots incredibly rare and more of a hail Mary than anything else. Human scoring in vex would be too easy and result in dedicated players that just practiced scoring themselves. And aerial assist was just feeding balls, except for rebounding, which again would be difficult to the small size of vex fields. feeding is i think the most human intervention vex can have. (unless we need a spy player -jk i cant imagine a vex field in which you cant see your own robot behind the field elements… god…stronghold)


The idea of direct human scoring kinda goes against the whole Robotics Competition thing…

Explain plz

This. If you want to score the balls, go play basketball lol.