Ideal capacity for Change Up?

i’m probably really missing something here, but why would we need to be able to hold 5-6? balls? Realistically I only see us needing to hold 3, maybe 4, especially since we can’t ball-hog the opposing alliance’s balls.


Personally for me, it compliments my skills run if I’m able to hold 6 balls.

Being able to hold six balls in a spindexer allows you to simultaneously hoard 3 of your opponents balls and three of your own without having to expel the hoarded balls while scoring. As for snails, I really don’t see any reason why 4+ would be useful other than skills runs.


I believe this is actually referring to certain FRC robots during Infinite Recharge. They had a central hopper system that allowed them to store balls (an easier way to imagine it is like a revolver mechanism but facing upwards). Doing so allowed the shooter to be situated in the center which could index balls from the spindexer.

Some good examples of this concept could be a robot like 1690 or 1619:


Honestly i would never want to hoard on a hood bot
Because how confusing it is when you are scoring and descoring.

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Yeah, I was thinking that unless you have something in the back that lets you spit out balls whenever, there isn’t much point. I can see how it would help a skills run, but at the end of the day I don’t think that’s a make or break thing to have…

a 6 ball traybot/liftbot what ever it’s called is probably optimal so that the tray isn’t too heavy and so that you don’t have the balls popping out out of the tray because they don’t really sit flat. past 6, your not really going to have anymore balls on the field

and for snailbot, it seems to benefit from having lower capacity for faster cycles etc so 3-4 is probably fine all season.

eh we really just need to wait till matches start then we can figure out which design is better what’s good


oh that’s what those are called. frc 971’s steamworks indexer is actually so satisfying to watch.

at the 11:30 mark, they go in-depth on how they made it.