Ideal wheel base size for this years game for tray bots

With everything that extends out on this type of robot such as antitip, tray, rollers,etc what is everyone getting for their wheel base sizes

I like 30x30 bases, because they have a decent size, but you get some wiggle room to add mechanisms that protrude from the base.


yeah id go with 32inch bases but preety much right on @Xenon27

pretty sure you mean holes. 32" might be a tad out of sizing


whoops thought u were jokeing i is dumb


One small enough to get in the corner of the large goal has been an issue with teams at competitions I’ve been to, so make sure the base is small enough. Preferably a little thicker than the intake and with long enough extending wheels on the back to help stop it from tipping.

antitips will be huge this year, especially with dr4b trays.


do an eject-able wheelie bar thats what im doing

Haha one of our traybot teams tipped so much before they had extending wheels that it was a feature, not a flaw.

I have I think a 12 inch long by 16 inch wide drivebase. No antitip, the drivebase itself is one huge antitip. It’s possible to pop wheelies, but untipable.

Improvised Roadbump
or wall depending which way you flip


Ye, he’s talking in terms of holes

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I think the reason many teams use 35by 35 is because that way for their chassis they don’t need to cut as many parts.

I use 35x35 for balance but it also helps us visualize exactly how much space we have to work with

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Or, maybe with dr4b trays instead of wheels on the chassis you put omnis on the lift. Tip = wallbot.


that’s actually a viable idea. imagine the opponents as your robot lives on after death

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You ever turned your robot over to work on it, or is that impossible too?

And seriously, you are able to make a really small base for this season. 25x25 can still fit everything you need inside of it without too much hassle, and you get 5 inches of roller space


but most robots also have a pretty bad center of gravity, which means you’ll need some real long antitips if you want to have a small base.

Jumping on this, a good example of a robot with a short chassis which is successful is 254D. I think their chassis is only ~20 long with a rear anti tip. It’s almost comically short.

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