Ideas for a cool regional

Hey anyone,
Our school is hosting the 'Oahu East regional later this year, but we wanted it to be extremely awesome for the 30 teams in attendance. Some things we did last year included a bake sale and bentos (lunch boxes) for every team. This year we are thinking of getting some kind of gift bag… or something… its not clear yet. Which is why I wanted new and exciting ideas, but I thought “This sounds like a job for the VEX community!” Please ask yourself, what could make a regional even more fun!

Honestly, I think CREATE nailed this last year.

Two plasma TV’s (or projectors), one for DDR, one for Guitar Hero. Do some kind of unofficial competition where the winner gets something nice.

They also did a unofficial “best looking robot” award (which my team won), that was cool.

OH! This took the cake, IFI got people to make music with massive Tesla coils last year at the after party. That was freaking awesome! Although Tesla coils are only tweeters, they done do bass apparently.

Some of my own ideas:

  • Best ASCII art in a program award (I ALWAYS do something).

  • Craziest team costume / mascot (life sized Wall-E claims victory by default)

  • Football! Play football with one of the medium balls (why not)

As far as stuff to give away, I always like to collect pins and the wrist bands that FIRST and Vex gives out.

Other things to consider are the fact that everyone loves shiny things and everyone loves LED’s.


I did like arc-attack at the world championships, they were pretty cool though… I don’t think TSA or the FAA (or even Matson) would allow the shipment of giant Tesla coils to Hawaii… We are also operating on a fairly low budget (maybe rock band would be cool) but we don’t want to distract teams from the actual competition. For a regional of 30, 80% of them are in the playoffs and we want people to be focused so the competition is fierce and a lot of fun. I like the idea of awarding the team with the best mascot (like that team with the soda can armor).