Ideas for a gripper

I’m building a bot with a clamp like “mouth” that uses a gear (driven by serco with a twelve toothed gear on it) attached to a bent metal strip. Another strip is secured right above the motorized one, and the whole thing serves as a rather nice “mouth”. Is there a better, simpler method of doing this that I did not think of?

heres a bot i found on vexfan theres another link in that one it says butlers net or somthing click on it to see more pics

please post pics of ure finished bot

note i did not make this bot or have anything to do with it i just found it good luck on ure bot

Great… I didn’t know about that site. The grpper I have is made all out of Vex parts. I think that if I keep it the way it is it will be better than that one. That thing doesn’t really look like a mouth anyway. I’m building a robot with eyes and a mouth mounted on an arm, like a humanoid head.