Ideas For a lift

I am looking for suggestions on a lift where I can use 2 motors on and be able to lift anyrobot

Any robot is quite the challenge - there are many factors to consider, weight, size, etc. You will have to going to have to compromise on something. How much time do you have to implement it?

also - HS or MS division? and are you using pneumatics?

Our lift can lift up to twenty pounds. Also, done properly you can make a passive platform(no motors).

With some adjustments, a platform scissor lift can lift almost any robot under 21 pounds. I built this one, but it needs some changes:

It uses two motors to power the lift, and will not accidentally deploy during a match, even during high speed encounters with other robots. :stuck_out_tongue:

@lacsap i am a high school division and we are not using pneumatics

@roboticblackbelt your link isnt working at all

@N.E.R.D NATION Which one? The one to the forum post or the one in the forum post?
Here%between% should work.

Ok, at HS level, the robots will tend to be heavier. The 9791C lift does pretty well with two motors lifting robots effectively at the MS level. You might be able to compensate by using more counterweights to lift the heavier robots. The reason I asked about pneumatic support, is you will need need some way to release your lifting platform. If you have used up your motor budget and have no pneumatic support, you will need to devise a passive mechanism for releasing the platform.

Other solutions exist for lifting robots, but the problem will be the weight of the robots you are trying to lift. Will the two motors be sufficient in those other solutions.