Ideas for autonomous programs based of of ben lippers design

My teammate can’t program.

So I would have you go to VEXCode and try messing around with it.

There’s a great 20-point program you could do… With almost any VEX IQ robot…


Remember that you can pick up the robot at any point, so once it hits a red cube, pick it up and place it against the wall. As long as it’s touching the wall when you release the bot you are good to go provided that you don’t violate any other rules in the process. Once the reds are down, place it again aiming for the supply zone.

Beyond that, what can you do? Well, think about what’s possible when you drive the robot, and try and make a plan to have it done in auto. Try something simple first, like pick up two greens and put them in the goal.

But first, you need a bit of an education. I like to just go through the blocks and read the help text. As you are learning the blocks, you are learning the things that you can do to make the bot do what you want. Until you understand the blocks, you won’t be able to do much with the bot. I would focus more on the motion commands, but in general, there’s nothing there that won’t end up being useful at some point.

When you actually have specific questions that you can’t get figured out, then you can come to the forum. We really can’t help you in any significant way until you’ve put in that effort yourself. But I hope I have you pointed in the right direction.


Thank you. I will put this in a google docs for my teammate.