Ideas for claw

Any ideas on claw ideas for turning Point?

359A uses two medium sprockets spaced apart covered in mesh as rollers, and there are two rollers. It’s on a swivel motor and has standoffs as hard cutoffs for the wrist. It rolls in the caps, and flips them if it needs to, then scores them.

my team has an upgraded version of this style claw, it works quite well.

Their claw looked more like this. It’s about the same flipping speed as your forklift design, but the intake is much faster.
E: loved your video, your bot gave us inspiration when we were making our bot a little.

If you’re talking to me then I will inform you that that video is not mine I just took inspiration from their design.

yes. How did you improve their claw design?

Increased motor speed as well as a few other things you will see in a duel reveal soon.

and I do agree their video is awesome, I kinda fanboy over that robot

Same I love that robot. I actually just finished building a pretty nice one of the claws they used in the video for my dr4b.

To find the best information on claws watch all of the reveal videos you can find, and then watch matches. If you go on the Unofficial VEX Discord there is a list of robot reveals for this season.

Maybe we can compare notes on the claw after my teams reveal.
It will be a duel reveal with 11495A.
My team is 11495B.

I used this style of claw ( added at competition) and it works well

I agree it has proven very effective.

Although since we did it at competion the arm would fall back down once weight ( cap ) was added. Had to be quick on raising it and getting ir on top of pole before it fell down again.

I would suggest rubber bands to help go up. combine this with a stop of some sort and you should have a pretty fast flip. I also suggest putting another motor on it if using 393.

Well where the claw itself fell down, not the arm. We had 2 motors on it

arm as in lift or as in the forks

The L shaped fork. The arm was fine but the L bracket claw thing fell down when any weight was added to it

Rubber band it to a position further up, this should help it deal with the weight. at the same time be careful not to rubber band it to much or else it will have trouble going down.

This is a claw/flipper from @Saahil Parikh that can pick up and flip with one motor.
It’s awesome, imo.