Ideas for Claws?

So our original idea was to bend a 1x25 bar and attach both ends on the gears. But after we built it, we realized it was very bendy and hard to not make it shift around. Are there any other ideas on how to make a claw?

Are you set on a claw mechanism or would you be willing to explore a different design?

These tube designs can be very efficient for tower bots and aren’t to hard to build.
If not a picture of your claw would greatly help us identify your issue and what can be done to help it.

We are kinda set for a claw, though we can easily change after our next competition.
As for a pic, the claw has been taken apart, and we are looking for ideas.
Our gearbox for our claw right now looks a bit like this:
25 PM
We want it two spin two C-channels, but we are stuck on how to connect the channels to the gears.

You screw the c channels into the holes in the gears

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So the c-channels are attached to the c-channels which are attached to the gears?

Yeah basically you just bolt down the bar to the gear. Your flexing could also be coming from where you are mounting the box in comparison to the bars on the claw. I know @Got_a_Screw_Loose has allot of experience with making some powerful claws. I don’t think he’d mind answering a couple of questions.

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You can look at this claw for a good example.
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The flexing is coming from the actual metal. We were using a 1 by 25 (one of those really bendy ones) (probably not a good idea).

Flat bar

Is it the little angle piece or is it flat bar?

Oh yeah, that’s not gonna work well at all. Do you know what half C is? Basically just 2X C channel cut down the middle. I highly recommend replacing the flat bar with something else.

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Yeah, I did that today, cut my first piece of metal. Didn’t really turn out well, the metal was kinda bent and smelled funny.

Interesting, what’d you cut it with?


This is what my 6th grade team did - it is a start - make it better.

Design considerations is how to get lined up with cube… how to get more than one cube… how to release…

But if you are starting a claw - this one way to do it without stock claw from V5 kit.

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I cut it with a sharp thingy. Had lots of sharp thingies on the blade.

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Alright. If you can post some pictures it would help.

…A hacksaw?


basically just screw C channel (or half c if you aren’t lifting too heavy loads) directly onto your gears. then make sure you support the axles on the other side of the c channels, on top of everything. or you’ll have a clickity bendy claw and that’s not good.

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and that’s the start of the journey - solid base structure and then you develop your solution.

In the pix I posted - four 60 tooth gears are the start …

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I wouldn’t start with 4 60t gears though, you’ll probably want a gear ratio on your claw. 12t to 60t would be much stronger.


Right now I use 12t to 2 60t gears, works fine (I think) because the spacing is right (I think).

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