Ideas for cool robots I can build after competing in VEX?

Unfortunately our team did not qualify for worlds this year and we have a whole bunch of kit left over. Anyone have any good ideas for random and completely useless robots we could build?

if this is your last season, then you should just have some fun building some cool bots. if you’re competing again next year, use this time to improve your skills in programming and build quality, so that next year you might be able to qualify for worlds.


last year competing - just want to have fun building some stuff

here’s a few fun things

  • flying machine
  • stair climbing bot
  • really really fast bot
  • legged robot
  • ride-able car

rideable car… may try

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Or maybe some battle-bots inspired robots


Wallbot. As big as you can.

or just make a mechanism and overload it with motors. Such as, 8 motor flywheel, or an 8 motor DR4B made out of half cuts.

8 motor drive pushbot with 8 wheels. push whatever you want.

or just use as many motors as you like.


Put a dr4b on top of a dr4b and then play in the zone with ur 8 v5 motor 2dr4b


QR4B. quadruple reverse 4 bar

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If you have any TP balls or NBN balls, make the most badass flywheel possible.


Hear me out… flywheel on top of a dr4b

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If your school has a running track or gym you have access to, then try to make the fastest (stable) robot possible. Back at the beginning of the Turning Point season, I had the chance to build a 600 rpm drive base, and man, was that fun. I can only imagine what a 1000 rpm or faster robot would be like,


You are never done with Vex

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u can build a drifting bot

I’d go back and recreate robots from prior years games. Like Starstruck was cool, but it was a motor hog. With new motors what would those robots look like.

I’d like to see more things done with vision, in a real time. Take the cones from prior games and lay out a course. Get the robot to run through the course with a combo of vision, the new acceleration sensor.

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Our coach has us building ‘soccerbots’ to play soccer with. We will use the orange foam balls from who knows how many years ago.

Okay, hear me out. See if you can build a VEX drone. I don’t mean a quadcopter, but an RC plane using the VEX V5 system. Although a quadcopter is not possible, it is very possible that a plane can be made yet be still classified as a VEX Drone.

Bonus points if it starts within 18” cube and has no part that can cause destruction. ie. Make your propellant like this, but smaller, utilizing lexan to be VEX legal:

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