Ideas for Descoring in New Game Sack Attack

What are some ideas for descoring in the new game Sack Attack?:slight_smile:
low goals?
high goals?

roll them into your own robot (top rollers)
pick them out (claw)

pick them up
push them away

high goal:
just “flick” them away (like in elevation cubes thats higher than the goals)

Mediumdave could suck them into his 15" pocket dimension. :smiley:

Might as well pick em’ up while your there :wink:

That’s what I’m going to do…

For the trough, I was thinking you could have a bucket that would hold sacks from an intake mechanism, but would also be at the right angle to intake sacks out of the troughs (as the bucket raises, it angles down to dump sacks into your goal, or to intake sacks from an opposing goal). I’m not sure how physically possible this would be to build, but if you got it to work well it would be a very impressive mechanism.

Shhhhhh… stop giving away my designs!!!