Ideas for Effective Elevator Lifts

So in theory, it seems like an elevator/cascade lift would work best this season b/c of their compactness, linearity, and (theoretical) efficiency. But, as many people have said, they are really tough to effectively implement with Vex because the linear slides have a lot of friction. We know it’s possible to make an effective lift. Off the top of my head there’s 1103 from Round Up and 99371A from ITZ. Does anyone know how these teams (and others with good lifts) made their elevator/cascade lifts so effective?
It’s probably about minimizing friction, but how?

If you read the conversation about 99371A’s lift, they said that they had used White Lithium Grease to reduce friction on metal. I advise you watch the video again because they had some really cool ideas that you might have missed.

Find 99371A’s video, study it.

This is an old one in VEX, but I had a teammate who made a great elevator for Quad Quandary(FTC), and then was able to use the same robot for VEX Elevation.

That robot is still up today, and is honestly a quality lift.

Our team made a lift like that and almost got disqualified as of rule SG2