Ideas for extension in the last couple seconds of the competition spin up

Hello, my team and I are searching for ideas for an extension in the last couple of seconds in the spin-up competition. Some things we found were the scissor lift and using ropes. We are currently looking for better options as these aren’t the best. So if you have anything to then that would be pretty helpful.

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So far ive seen some people go with a piston-powered fold down system that lays flush with the field so if people try to push your arms, they just drive right over them.

Personally I think I’ll be using a weighted string launcher for the same reason as above, but it can be way longer.

Please look and use the search bar before making a post as there are already other posts (such as this one What is everyone doing for the extension period at the end of the round?) discussing endgame expansion.


@drow close please to reduce number of self deleted posts at this point :slight_smile:


I don’t see any deleted posts? Also why does it bother you?