Ideas for Future Online Challenges

The subject line says it all. What ideas do you have for Online Challenges, or how would you change existing challenges? We have incorporated your input in previous challenges, so please share, and thank you for your help!

Build a robot that could replace a task humans have to normally do by hand.

Build a vex bot that can fly.

Make a robot that can play a board game.

Mini battle bots?

Make a vex weapon?

Build a vex bot that could help a person in their job.

Make a vex bot that could help an individual with a physical disability. Maybe get people to document how they helped someone in a video…

Design a game with multiple levels for robots to play on, which they have to switch between to score better.
Design and implement a new game mechanic not seen before in vex (like lights around the field to aid with tracking, or human interaction with a new object that must be operated from outside the field, etc.

Design (or build) a VEX robot that looks (and acts) like an animal.
Design (or build) a helpful tool in building.
Design (or build) a VEX robot that starts in a 5"cube (or some other specification) that reaches up as far as possible.

Build and program a robot to solve an n-level Tower of Hanoi puzzle as fast as possible.

I think it would be interesting to have an online challenge somehow related to scouting and strategy, as this is something that hasn’t been a large focus in the past. If it’s relatively open ended, teams could do all kinds of things like apps, websites, educational videos, but I think there might also have to be some other possibilities as a part of it so it can cover a broader range, maybe tie it in to some sort of application development in general.

I love this! Teams should make a video about their strategies for scouting to show how the robotics competition is not just about the robot, it is the human communication and relationship with other teams that helps make a team and robot great, not just good.

This would pretty much already fit under the instructional video challenge, though.

Make an app, program, etc. that is useful for competing in VEX robotics would be an interesting challenge.
Has there ever been an online challenge that specifically had to do with programming?

Integrate cool sensors into your robots!

There was jpearman’s 3000th post programming challenge:

Make that an online challenge, and maybe expand to include programming for other applications i.e. scouting software.

Yeah exactly!

I support that plan

We’re seeing more and more humanoid robots that are being built by companies to progress autonomy in real world applications. I really think a lot of people (including myself) would love to build a humanoid robot that can walk around and whatnot. Obviously not the size of us… but it would promote a lot of programming and sensor use, and teams would be required to think outside the box about how to not only build a human-like robot, but get it to work.

This is something that I am really keen to see happen at some point. I’ve previously talked to Rick about this and I know he would like to see something along the lines of application development too. Part of the issue is that everyone (including the judges who decide in the end) needs to be able to test and view them, so OS-specific apps or programs (e.g. Android or iOS apps) aren’t really that suitable.

Maybe another challenge would be to design a new sensor or force generator (like a motor) that could be useful for any robot in vex. I want low strength and high strength magnetic solenoids. Basically gives the ability to have short linear motion powered by a magnet instead of a motor or pnuematics.

Create a robot that can play a board game against a human AND LEARN FROM YOU (tic tac toe, chess, etc)