Ideas for in the zone

i’ve notice people have been talking about strats but no actual design idea outside of lifts. so here we go post your ideas here about intakes, lifts, drives, etc.

Claws… Claws are great. Unfortunately, exact shape is still in the air.

i have a couple of ideas for intakes and a ready design for a robot but i wanted to hear what other people had to say.

but for the claw you could make a cylinder shape and then put some sort grip inside that would take the shape of a cone. example stand offs organized into the shape of a cone

instead of claw you could do some sort of vertical side roller intake with stand offs as grips to get inside those grooves on the cone

we are currently debating between using an intake system or claw. unless we can go ahead and 3D print the cone, we’ll have to wait to get the game pieces in order to test out the grip and shape of it.

Im planning to use a single motor claw with standoffs that are extruding from the inside of the claw. The cones have ends surrounding it that go outwards, allowing the standoffs to hook on them. It’s either this or a stand-off intake on a tank tread, similar to skyrise.