Ideas for keeping robot on center platform

  • A linear slide / pneumatic pushing a friction pad downwards… this friction pad is just some sort of block that has a ton of friction… there would be multiple of these
  • A sort of riot shield on the back of my robot using pneumatics or a linear slide horizontally just pushing the robot away HOWEVER due to Newtons Third law wouldn’t that just mean my robot gets pushed away with the same force and thus maybe even fall off the platform as my riot shield is pushing against the oncoming robot…

Are any of the ideas listed above good ideas? should I do any of them… or do you have a better idea?

Locking the gears to the drive train of a robot.

I mean, the riot shield is just extending your robot, the stronger robot still wins

the friction pad works but you have to design around it and devote a motor to it

@Cam If I have omni wheels that wouldn’t work super well… but im super curious how do you lock the gears with a button press?

@Vyx So in our earlier discussion about 6WD it would make me much more powerful… thus 6WD is helpful for this?

I mean yeah but if you go against v5 you’re won’t be outpushing them.

6 wheels do help with getting on platforms tho

@Vyx ok, currently in Japan no one has recieved v5 so im okay… why cant i go against a v5? motors are stronger?

there’s people saying their internal gears get stripped pushing against v5 as v4

v5 motors are roughly 3 times stronger

we used to have a pneumatic brake that would push down a pad, had many issues, would not recommend.

the teams that use pneumatic brakes usually have some sort of four bar action going on

yeah we used that two but it wouldn’t fix in with our shooter and we decided it was a waste of motors.

If your bot is only 16 in tall, it can just deploy locking “fingers” in all 4 directions, and “lock” its self [loosely] onto the top platform as long as it is not simultaneously contacting and applying a force against opposing sides of the platform. Any robots running v4 who have an extra motor, or employ a double ratchet, can use one motor (or a single direction of a motor) to “pull the pin” on multiple arms which drop out, over the edge of the platform in all directions, preventing the bot from being pushed too far away from any given side. This should be legal under the definition of “grappling” since there would be no “inward force from opposing sides” of the field object.

Good luck.

Put a ramp on the back of your robot that the other guys would roll up on if they tried to take your spot.


make a nbn bot lifter and just deploy it and lift them up, now they aren’t touching any platform