Ideas for new Claw

So my team is just finishing our new robot and we need to make a claw… We can’t see to find a good claw design anywhere and the claw on our last robot kinda sucked so we could use some ideas please. We have a 6 motor drive terrain and a 2 motor 4 bar so we can use pneumatics for it or motors I’m pretty sure… (It’s a 10 motor limit without pneumatics and a 8 motor limit with pneumatics right???) We also have some room to work with just about everywhere around the robot if that helps. Thanks!

The motor limit is 8 motors, and the pneumatics are unlimited. I would suggest using a 4 motor drive, giving you two motors to work with for your claw.

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Any Ideas for the claw though? Thanks for the other answer!

I would stick with the 6 motor drive, it is IMMENSELY nice for this game. And a two motor claw is insanely overkill.

As for claws, there are a lot of ideas out on the forum, and other very similar threads. Use the search bar!


Maybe use a pneumatic clamp on a lever (for mechanical advantage)


Use a slip gear and make sure it does not skip because that would mess up eveything

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