Ideas for robots

Does any one have any good ideas for robots? All ideas can be good ideas, as long as you think it is!

Competition robots? Household robots? Specific designs or general ideas?

i think a robot, that filters out different catagories of ideas into tabs on vex forums, that way i can see the things i want to, or different ways to see things, like a search bar or something

It truly depends on what your intention is. Like what @9065_parker stated, what designs are you looking for?

If you are looking for competitive bots for in the zone, there are multiple other forum posts that can help clarify what will be the most effective in a match. As for other uses (stem learning, household bots, etc.), It truly depends on what you wish to do.

its for the vex competition so i guess competitive.

In that case, I’d recommend looking at the reveals for inspiration on what lift, drive, claw, etc. to use. I’d also look at skyrise reveals to see how lifts we’re used and built efficiently

Pneumatics can be used and are a great solution for overheating motors and claws. They may cost a lot but they also don’t wast battery power and can be refilled with air relatively quickly.

Make a robot that has a stupidly high chain system like RI3D’s. Like make it 5-6 feet tall, and just make one H U G E stack for the entire match.