Ideas for Starstruck?

My team is getting ready to build and we already have some ideas like how to lift the robot up the pole and a catapult-like design . Does anyone have any ideas for anything else? (Including Autonomous?)

Look around on the forums, especially in the Starstruck Intake Design threads. Plenty of good stuff already coming out here. 4664C even has a robot reveal out already.

anything you saw that you like?

The thread name says Skyrise. The game this year is Starstruck. The forum does have a lot of good stuff though. You may have to dig around for some of the threads on stuff like intake design but there’s a lot of good information that should help.

A lot of people say that they think a catapult would be the best way to go for getting the stars/cubes over the fence. If you plan to use a forklift, like I’ve seen some say, make sure that the prongs are sturdy enough to not dig into the field mats and get caught.

I think it’s best for you to look for yourself. I kinda like the DR4B for lifts and hanging though.