Ideas for teaching basic mechanisms

There’s plenty of info out there about the simple machines; but, how about the complex machines?

I’m a new VEX instructor and am searching for good instructions on teaching students about the names and uses for all different types of mechanisms, for example, four-bar linkage systems.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

I can post several links to useful videos that will explain each type of mechanism. Here are a few and I’ll add more in a bit:

Those are a few instructional videos. However, the best way for your students to learn will be to browse the forum and then post any questions that they have. Encourage all of your students, or maybe one student per team to make an account and the members of the team share that.

I recommend getting them to browse the internet and forums. Also, if they have questions clarify with you. If you cant answer it, with an account on the forums they can just ask it here.

Or even get them to ask and research on the forums! This is a great resource for students :slight_smile:

The second video is Michael K from EXO 10D. He just got married. The last video is my son, David, EXO 575, who now works for a software company in Boston.

Take a look at the videos in the Online Challenges STEM Educational Video contest. When I was at the REC Foundation, we created this contest to create instructional videos for VEX classrooms and teams.

our team has built examples of mechanical systems using VEX IQ parts so students have something physical to study.

Great links! Thank you.

I plan to have my students on the forums here when we begin to meet again after the summer break.