Ideas for team and robot names [Open to all teams and robots, not just in Mankato.]

I just created this so all students could openly brainstorm team and robot names. This is open to anyone anywhere. Make sure your team name is nice to all creatures, including everything on Earth.


Undervalued Overscorer. :wink:

Overhyped Underachiever. :frowning_face:


Honestly depends on your team. What are your entire team’s main interests? I think getting an idea of who your teammates are can help better brainstorm something that all of you like! I think I will better be able to suggest something if I can get an idea of what all of you are looking for.


basically anything that’s appropriate, i don’t even have a team yet lol :wink:

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Chiming in from IQ-land here:

Last year my students chose Crumbly Cookies as their team name (I honestly don’t think even they could explain why :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), and then the robot names flowed from there. The first major design they built was called Chip (pun intended), and then the next design was called Chunk because it was bigger and better.

We haven’t really gotten together much yet for this season, so no designs or names yet, but things we talked about last year were: Snicker, Doodle, Oatmeal.

I think it’s nice to have a theme like that to help build your team’s identity.


What are some of your personal interests? Like what things do you like? Because then it might make coming up with a name easier.

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That’s really cool! When I was in IQ last year, I remember going to competitions with organizations that would coordinate names. One example was one organization made all their team names different foods like spaghetti, sushi, French fries, and other miscellaneous foods. Let your kids get creative and have fun with the team name. Personal favorites of mine for vrc were names like stripped screws, bent axles, and broken zip ties.


ours is The Holy stromboli’s and our bot is the strombolitron

all it takes is a fun memory you all have and can put a word to it


Hey there. Our team really needs a name. If you could give some inspiration, that would be great! Thanks.

Payne Stroud
Team 39232

What are some of your team’s interests? I think I can brainstorm some names if I can get an idea of what you all are interested in together as a team. Does your team have a specific theme?

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We don’t necessarily have a certain theme or anything. And to be honest, we don’t really have any of the same interests besides robotics.

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robot names jalapeno and little dinky


Yo, I like jalapeño. That would be a cool name.

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Well… all I can say is that I wasn’t the one who chose the name for my team… and come on man… it’s turtles :smiley:

Team name involving that: Jalapeño Poppers :smiley:
Genius, right?

Lol, I should talk to my team about it.