Ideas for the Minefield Challenge?

Hi all,
I’m trying to find some creative designs for the minefield challenge from a few years ago (here is a video for reference: Usually, I’d try some weird arm/wheel combination, but my group only has a few weeks to build and test our robot. Does anyone have any design ideas that we could try in a short period of time? Thanks.

I have a suggestion that could really help. Automation. Have a sensor in the front that measures the distance to the pole, and rejects you going forward after it is too close. That way, you can line up, go forward till it stops, then get the ball. Also, maybe have your base move faster?

I was thinking about using sensors. Do you have any suggestions for the arm/claw design?

I don’t know the specifics of the challenge. Can you carry multiple balls at the same time?

Yes, however, the balls cannot come into contact with each other as to simulate realistic conditions.

Ok, so then you want to create a system that has a belt on the arm, as shown attached. Basically, the front part would be open like you have it now. Then, it would fall onto a belt, with this( attached. Then, the balls would be separated, and you could get 3-4 of them. When you needed to pour them into the pit, you would just turn the other way.