Ideas for top mount on tank

I have built a tank platform(photo attached) and I want it to shoot a projectile on top. Crossbow,nerfgun, catapult…? I want all ideas even if it doesn’t shoot something.

In the photo I can move the cortex and other stuff of the top

Saw this online… old forum with no final build info

It depends on what you want on top. If you want a blaster that big, you’ll need a bigger tank. Projectile type is up to you, and size is dependent on that. I don’t quite understand what you’re asking specifically.

I think the OP was asking for recommendations on projectile. Dimensions of the base would help, but I would recommend a flamethrower some sort of squishy ball, shot by a flywheel. You can pretty easily find designs, just google “vex nothing but net flywheel”.

Water gun.

Video camera. Robot’s eye view touring a competition.

Motion tracking software for autonomous firing. That will be sick!

At worlds in either Clean Sweep or Round Up, someone made a color sensing nerf gun that was supposed to shoot people wearing red shirts. The carpet was red.

Lol rip carpet. I don’t think they thought it all out :stuck_out_tongue:

A classic ** REALLY! ** moment.

You could build your own basic ping pong ball shooter pretty easily with VEX materials.

One of my teams mounted a nerf shooter on the spare base that they had made. They built a little cradle to hold it. Trigger pulls was done by tandoff mounted on a gear that rotated and pushed the trigger back.

Make the mount on top of a turret base. Turrets are fun.