Ideas for Turning Point

Our team was thinking about making a flywheel at the front of the RD4B so that it can be 100% accurate to shoot the flag when the RD4B is line up with the flag, and we are going to have a passive caps intake at the back of the RD4B so that it can be score on the post. (it will be extended at the start of the match), and all of them are the new V5 modor.
1:5 with 2 torque motor for the RD4B
5:1 with 1 turbo motor for the flywheel
1:1 with 4 motor Highspeed for the base
1:1 with 1 Tourqe motor for the roller intake and a chain for the ball to go to the flywheel.

(sorry for the grammar error I’m not good at English.)

You can only extend your robot outside of the 18" in height within the taped area in the southern portion of the field.

Do you mean that we cant extend our robot vertically when we are close to the flag???
And we can’t extend our robot horizontally??

Vertically- yes. You cannot when you are near the flags, only near the poles.

Horizontally- You can only extend up to 36" in a single horizontal direction.

I bring up <SG2> for this.

How close it is the non expansion zone to the flag??? @GBHS VEX Member

And btw, I wouldn’t recommend 1 motor for flywheel.

Not close enough.

No, seriously, go to page 13 of the field specs. The flags are literally 60 inches away from the expansion zone. There just isn’t any way.

thanks for the information

2 motors for RD4B is overkill.
I have built an experimental full size (ITZ-style) RD4B robot powered by a single 100rpm V5 motor with 1:5 gearing. Works like a charm (I’ll try to post some videos later).