Ideas for Vex IQ Squared Away

are u and @StevenVex on the same team

sorry didn’t see @StevenVex

whats your team number @Avonderweidt

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no problem im just curious i wont copy yalls ideas im just curious last year i was team 11427c in iq and did verry weel i like that number after winning 8 tournaments including 2 state tournaments and qualifing for worlds 3 times and going twice i wanna keep it but i dout thatl happen how bout u( i do vrc as of now )

I’m from discobots just saying but we don’t have team numbers yet also my robot is currently running on 4 Motors

Also we are not on the same team

we can do all green cubes on tower now in 25secs Max, after a claw redesign at our last scrimmage

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DiscoBots is a common name. Are u guys from canada or ems in WA

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I’m from Canada discobots my teams name was 1140Z defending world champions two years ago but unfortunately for next level we couldn’t make it to freedom hall and life the experience again

nice. we have a middle school that dominates our state, and they sent 7 teams to worlds, including 47u-discobots, who were first in skills in the world at one point

That’s really cool. You guys were prob killing it then

Lol that’s not my middle school. I did ringmaster two years ago and we choked @ worlds. The year after we would have made it to worlds, but we couldn’t get to states since it was on the other side of the state and the only mountain pass leading to the town it was in was snowed shut, so we couldn’t make it. Our skills score was 26 driver control and 20 for autonomous. And now I do FTC :smiley:.


That must be really painful how do u feel now, do you think you had a good chance of winning worlds if I had made it

nice i saw disco botz win my first year it was the coolest thing id seen at that point were u on that team or just in the school ?

Anyone has any other ideas for designing with balls?

I think most of the ways for balls have been described here. Passive intakes like scoops. There are powered ones like claws or conveyors. Our IQ team’s robot is using rollers and stores the balls.

my sister is makeing a storage unit for the balls it should hold like 12 balls

We can follow bankshot which can hold about 20

yeah but this game is a lot harder and more complicated

that’s a good start just need some good chopsticks and you’ve won worlds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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