Ideas That Would Have Worked

We decided to go modular with our robot so we wouldn’t have to take everything apart to make changes, and so that we could replace components, but the problem was, we didn’t have the parts for extra modular wheels.

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Every Idea Ever. If we didn’t suck at building, they would have all worked.

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My wallbot that 100% would have won Tower Takeover worlds.


Having 9 motors. Would have worked if they forgot to count.


Trying to speed up your drivetrain with two motors on the same gear chain (?)

What’s the term for a group of connected gears?

My U Drive that I made for Change Up. It had a drift, so I sped up the front wheels to over 100 RPM faster than the back ones. It would have totally fixed the drift if only our drive base wasn’t already bent and we would have done better in state if only the front motors hadn’t burnt out from the strain :joy:. It really ended up being a ‘problem bot’.

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