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Since it’s the end of our season because we did not qualify for state. What do teams usually do next until the end of of school?

My teams wanted to take our scrap metal that we have and build a small working helicopter but I don’t know if it’s possible.

Any ideas on what we could do?? Let me know below thank you!!


At the end of the VEX season we all divide the leftover pieces and take them home with us so we can brainstorm/build prototypes/improve our skills/etc. We don’t meet at all during the summer so it leaves us with a very long period of time to kinda do whatever we would like.


If you are just talking about for fun, try some challenge like making a segway or something, or that super-fast x-drive you’ve always wanted to try. If it’s to prepare for the next game, there isn’t much building you can do, but exploring coding stuff like odometry, PID, inverse kinematics, etc. can really up your game in autonomous and macros.

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Thanks for that idea too, might do some of that. That way they can be thinking about things.

Joey that’s an awesome idea thank you!

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Here are some things I would recommend to my own teams in your situation:
• Build a simple drive base, perhaps even the Clawbot (if you have the Clawbot kit) as a test platform, or use your current drive base if it works.
• Get the new vision sensor and learn how to program it
• Learn to use and program the new gyro.
• Learn how to use and program pneumatics.
• Try out various drive: mecanun, X-drive, holonomic, “kiwi” “H-drive” or any of the myriad of names that different drive systems get. Set up a criteria to make comparisons of the different drives.
• Ambitious? Learn PROS
• Learn about schedule tools, like the Gnantt chart, for next year’s notebook
• Learn about decision-making tools for next year’s notebook.


We do NRC. (National Robotics Challenge) Its like robot hockey, sumo, battle bots, rescue bots and other challenges you can choose from and compete. But if you dont do that we usually Build different lifts and stuff like x drive so you know how to build

ButterNubs would you be willing to DM me with more info on the NRC? That would be awesome!

Thanks! I’m moving more towards a true “mentoring” phase. My Junior student will be the “Team Coach” and my Senior student will be the “Team Captain”. I’ll be along for the ride just to make sure they have a dedicated adult and to make sure things are staying on task/time and to order the parts/kits they need. Outside of that they are on their “own” next year.

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Yeah sure!

DM coming up

At my school we started the “Unofficial Official annual Wando Vex Drag Race,” first robot to go the length of the hallway wins, fun mini event to play with vex and build rations we would never normally do…


I’d practice building different mechs so your prepared, build a couple drive bases, a lift or two, and some launching devices. Just practice building different mechs

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