ideas to get from lax airport to anaheim convention center

Hi i need help getting 5 people and a robot and a toolbox from lax to the convention center and will i be able to purchase vex 7.2ma batteries at worlds

what day do you get in.

april 17 around 8 PM

Reserve a shuttle online.

Yes, you should be able to buy VEX 7.2V 3000mA hour batteries from the VEX store (you could previous years). Not sure when the store opens, probably on Thursday sometime.

We are using those shuttles too. And yes you should be able to purchase some 7.2 v 3000 mah batteries at the vex store.

i heard the vex store opens on Wednesday. a lot of teams are planning on completing their robots with pieces from the vex store. so. . . yeah

I honestly hope that no one is counting on parts from the VEX Store to complete their robot for the competition the next day. That leaves you very little time to prototype and perfect mechanisms.

Well there’s rebuild due to necessity versus completion…

Three years ago our guys learned the hard way on proper packing a robot for shipping. If you did not pack your robot nicely, some axles could end up bent.

Always support the robot directly and do not have the weight resting on the wheels/axles during shipping. Foam blocks or rolled up bubble wrap works. Unlatching some easily re-joined axles that carry weight is also another option - like at a scissor lift critical lift point joint.

We shipped our robots last week so this probably does not help anyone who is drop shipping their robots…