Hi, we are a group from Barcelona, Spain and we don’t have much experience on this Competition, would someone mind giving us some advice and ideas to build our base and lift system, It would be very nice from your part,
Genesis Team Barcelona

There’s lots of threads that have been made about this already. Try looking for something before asking about it in the future.

Watch some videos from old competitions so you get a chance to see a whole bunch of designs (drive systems, arms, manipulators) in action. This is to open your eyes to possibilities and get a chance to see what works better for different purposes. Once you have that viewpoint, then focus on the current competition and look at the discussions. You’ll understand the points debated for the current competition better with that background, and you’ll be able to make your own decisions based on all of it better.

Also, looking at past competitions will give you a better feel for how they run. It’s not just things like the formatting and where people stand, but also stuff like just how important getting ahead during autonomous versus hording and rushing at the end can be.

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I would recommend you to go to this site, ( this is a website put together by a team, and I show it to my Teammates all the time, they find it really useful. Go to coaches corner for some little tricks and tips. If you have any further questions, just search Collingwood Robocavs on facebook and send a message and I will try to answer your question ASAP.

In addition to the posts above, I would also recommend It has a lot of useful information for anyone who wants to get started with VEX Robotics.

Our team and coach have set up this website, hope it is helpful. Here

Begin looking at this:
It’s still work under progress but it’s a great tool for whatever you can get out of it.