Identical programs don't operate the same

Good morning,
I have a team who copied a properly functioning program (doing everything they wanted the robot to do) and pasted it into another competition template.

The purpose in doing this is so they can make slight changes to the original program for the skills contest. This copied and pasted program will not run several of the motors at the same speed, even though this part of the code is identical to the original.

Without posting their code, does anyone have an idea of what is happening?

was this blocks, Python or C++ ? (VEXcode or PROS ?)
if VEXcode, was there any graphical configuration (which would not have been copied over) ?


The program they are using is VexCode Pro for V5

Is there a reason they did copy/paste of code instead of ‘save as’ with new name (or copy/paste on the entire file with new name)?


Not that I am aware of. I think it is just embedded in their heads to copy & paste. I will have them ‘Save As’ instead and see what happens. Thank you.

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