iDesign Shipping

Does anyone know if iDesign will ship to Texas because it is not listed as an authorized state? The website doesn’t say they can’t but I want to make sure since sites like RobotMesh don’t ship to Texas.

I have not looked at iDesign, but if you are saying Texas is not listed as somewhere they ship, then no, they do not ship to Texas.

I mean the website lets me put in all the shipping and payment information normally and offers FedEx shipping they just don’t have Texas listed as an authorized state which is slightly worrying.

I am not the one to ask, but I believe that VEX designates which regions resellers are supposed to ship to. However, I have no idea if you are able to ship it elsewhere.
I would wait for a more official response, hopefully someone on this forum will know.
Alternatively, you could contact them with your question, I hear iDesign has good support.

I used to order from iDESIGN. Shortly after VEX tightened up their reseller rules, though, my order (to Arizona – where iDESIGN is not an authorized reseller) was canceled and refunded with a message about VEX’s changed reseller policy:


Unless something has changed since then (December 2017), I highly doubt iDESIGN will ship VEX products outside of their designated states.

Hm well that sucks. VEX it is then.