If a member of your team leaves and goes to another team and they are the notebooker can they take your notebook to another team?

They took the notebook with them and they won’t give it back.

The design work in the notebook represents the work of the original team. If this is within one organization, I would recommend the advisor resolve the matter.


If the journal is completely black, probably. If it had stuff about your robot, no, they need to return it to you, plus it would hold your designs and shows your team so it wouldn’t even be relevant to the new team. Assuming you’re in the same organization just let your advisor know and let them sort it out.

and more broadly, the behavior is at odds with the principles of the RECF Code of Conduct:


this is all the rules say about this, i can see the argument for both sides, but the notebook doesn’t relate to their new team as is does not describe that team’s design process, but i would talk to your mentor


The ethical side of this is covered under <G1> . I think it is a matter to resolve intra-organization.


They must give it back as the notebook is a part of your team, and it does not belong to one specific person, even if it is a private team.


Opinion FWIW if the original poster has accurately described the situation:
Very clearly unacceptable. The notebook is explicitly a communication of the team’s work together. A team member can keep their experience and apply it - that’s core to the whole vex pursuit - but not team developed products such as the notebook or the robot.
If a team were to split in two perhaps it becomes more complicated, but I would speculate that the notebooker is confusing the entirity of the notebook with their individual work. The fraction attributable to the notebooker is tricky to quantify and impossible to separate out, despite it being vital. Compensation? Time spent in the team gaining experience. A soccer player can’t have their tackles back.


Apparently it is … just saying :slight_smile:

Look, don’t beat a dead horse on this one. This is a learning experience for a team of integrity and ethics. There is enough information for the team to process and work within their organization to resolve this.

Your points represent the passion of teams, but alas, not contract law. … hmmm maybe time to watch the Paper Chase again!

(the first episode of The Paper Chase on YouTube since not available through streaming


First of all very specific title. Second I don’t think so, the notebook belongs to your team not one specific person.

Hope this clears stuff up!

Also welcome to this wonderful wonderful website

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