If a robot is blocking the protected zone and they get pushed in, should they get DQ’ed?

The obvious answer would be no, the robot that pushed the defensive bot in the zone would be DQ’ed due to G14. However, rule G13 states that the offensive robot gets the benefit of the doubt. Since these two rules contradict each other, it should be a no call. However I have been DQ’ed for this reason twice before so could someone please clarify.


There has been a QA with similar scenarios, with rulings linked from past year’s game. However it is still not answered

Interesting question. This really comes down to a violation of SG3 E, defender not touching an inner protected zone (even accidentally), which is an automatic DQ. If you are a defender actively driving, it would be quite reasonable for a ref to see many interactions as an accidental violation by the defender. So, if you are a defender moving in the outer protected zone, I think it likely (and reasonable) you would be called for a SG3 E violation if you cross the line. It is a risky tactic that pushes up against the limit of a critical game rule. You should expect bad outcomes when using risky tactics.


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