If a robot touches a Scoring Object at the end of a match

If a robot of a particular color is touching the lowest cube on its own skyrise, would any cubes above it not count? For instance, if a red robot is touching the lowest of 4 cubes on its skyrise, would the 3 above it still count? I was counted off for this at a recent competition, but I haven’t found a rule saying that’s right.

The way I understand the rules at the moment is that touching cubes should only discount/descore the cube(s) being touched, not any more above on the skyrise. I think this situation is being confused with touching a skyrise section. This does discount/descore any pegs above it, as they are ‘built’ on an unbuilt/unscored section (the one(s) being touched. As a result, this can also descore cubes relying on ‘built’ sections that don’t count.

For example, take a 6 high skyrise with 4 cubes.
-Touching the third cube will make this a counted as a 6 high skyrise with 3 cubes
-Touching the second section of the skyrise makes this count as a one high skyrise with 2 cubes, as it is only possible to score 2 cubes on a 1 high skyrise
…and so on

Don’t be like someone I know in NZ who lost a finals match by touching the bottom peg of his full skyrise and lost 60 points :smiley: (he still won the finals 2/3 though :cool:)

Again, this is only my understanding, anyone feel free to correct me or add to this, and I hope this is useful :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s probably what it was, then.
Wait, from my understanding of the rules, reading literally, skyrise sections only have to be fully nested within a skyrise section or base and not touching a robot of the same alliance to be scored… So that would technically mean those skyrise sections would all be scored except the second in your example. In fact, it would mean you can technically build your skyrise sideways on the floor of the field, if you want.

Your robot is allowed to carry only one skyrise section at a time. So if you were to assemble your skyrise sections on the floor, the moment you pick up the assembly, you would be in violation of the rules.

The rules say the section must be fully nestled in a skyrise, however this is referring to either the red or blue skyrise (consisting of a base and sections built on it), not a skyrise section

I only know this because, as I said, a friend had to play three finals matches after he descored his whole skyrise under this clause :smiley: