If I'm doing autonomous, how do I make my 4 bar lift on my robot go up

I really need help doing this please someone help me I’m new.

Are you using VEXcode IQ Blocks or RobotC?

Also, can you post what code you have already?


Screenshot 2020-11-30 201055

So what is the problem? Do you have one motor spinning the arm or two?

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I have 2 motors on my robot and I don’t know how to lift in autonomous.

First, make sure you have your Left_Arm and Right_Arm Motors both set up in the program (Like you did the drivetrain).

Then you can Spin Left_Arm up for xx° and Spin Right_Arm up for xx°

2 tricks you need: one of the arms you need to set up with the spin direction for ‘up’ the opposite spin direction of your other motor

2nd trick, whichever block of code is first, click the black arrow at the end of the block to switch it to “& don’t wait” that way both lines of code execute at the same time.

Good luck


@SCFarrell thank you very much

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You will need to change the ‘stopping’ on both of those motors to ‘Hold’ as well. Coast and Brake will just fall back down under the arm’s weight or load.

Post some pictures of your bot, how is the 4 bar treating you this year?

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Thank you very much it worked tysm :smiley:

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