If kids can't learn RobotC can they easily learn EasyC, etc?

Something I’m curious about: has anyone witnessed somebody try to learn RobotC but “hit a wall” but then when they tried EasyC or one of the other graphical-type languages, they were able to suddenly “get it”? I’m just wondering if the brains of some kids don’t work so easily with traditional text languages like RobotC but that the graphical stuff makes a huge difference.

Personally, I could not use EasyC to save my life, simply because I have little experience with it and it seems too simple and provides less freedom in my coding. Other members in my club cannot manage to learn to code using RobotC, but they are just fine with using EasyC. They have tried to use RobotC, but I think it is easier for the students to learn how to code through EasyC.

I had exactly the opposite results. My students (6th grade - 12th grade) used EasyC for 3 seasons and couldn’t get into it. Unfortunately, using EasyC they never really achieved much more than mediocre results and great amount of frustration. Last spring we switched to RobotC and my students have thrived. They are making better and more complex programs, and they have also found the RobotC support (forums, e-mail, phone, video tutorials, etc.) infinitely better than EasyC.

That’s what we love to hear :). I’ll pass it along some of the support guys.

In all honesty up until this summer I had never used the ROBOTC graphical thinking it would be not very useful. I was completely taken back with both how it maintained real programming integrity and graphical intuitivness. I would recommend at least taking a look if you already have own ROBOTC.