If Loop

I am trying to make the If loop work for TRUE = 1 and FALSE = 0 but it is saying that it is always TRUE. How can I make it decide wheather it is really TRUE or not by useing digital or analog information?

Please post some sample code, but it could be that you are saying “If TRUE = 1” instead of “TRUE == 1”.

Well i just put it into globals as TRUE being a value of 1 and FALSE a value of 0 but it always finds it TRUE even if their is nothing plugged into that port which should make it FALSE right?

Seems to me like you haven’t made a relationship between the two variables, but i’d still need to see your code


As others have stated, it will be most helpful if you post your code.

In regards to the query above, most digital inputs have a pull up resistor internal to the controller which will give you a logic high (TRUE) when the jumper is not installed and a logic low (FALSE) when the jumper is installed.