If string is attached to a robot does that qualify as apart of the robot?

I was told to ask in technical support if string being attached to the robot counts as the robot for the expansion in spin up?

this did not require a new thread :slight_smile:


You shouldn’t listen to people who just joined the forum 4 hours ago. When you can, read the FAQ. It can be found by clicking the three lines in the top right of your screen and pressing faq. You also got your answer from someone already in that thread, yes it is legal. It has also been answered in multiple other forum questions, so I would also advise using the search function, also in the top right. Also, “vex mods” dont really exist. If @shadow is talking about a vex employee, they have better things to do, like debate with people about the legality of screws, for some reason. Again, your question was already answered, with a read the manual, and also answered multiple times on this forum.

@DRow do your thing


Thank you. Sorry thanks for the advice. I had trouble navigating the system.

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Ok, I am at the Event Partner Summit, so lots of experienced people here, and one thing we realize, there are a lot of new people to VEX Robotics Competition. With this, I do want you to feel welcomed to a very strong and involved community!

I would recommend in future posts to elaborate why you were recommended to post for to V5 Technical Support? Think of the forum as organized by buckets - things that deal with the platform (V5 Technical Support is an example), things that deal with competitions (usually broken up by season games (this question is specific to this season’s game), things that are to support a healthy community (look at Chit-Chat)… etc

This question is probably best in the Spin Up questions (unless VEXIQ :slight_smile: ) … So one thing for competition questions, read the Game Manual… and if unsure, read the Game Manual again. A lot of resources for new and seasoned teams can be found at

(bob keeps telling me to mention this during EP Summit… )

In the Game Manual, which is broken into sections, questions about what is allowed on robots may be found in Section 3 - The Robot of of the Game Manual…

If your so-called string falls into acceptable materials for the Robot and is part of the robot (detaching parts of the robots has its own rules), then you are probably good to go, provided you are not violating any other rules of the Game Manual, for example exceeding the vertical limits of robot expansion rules…

So this response is to welcome questions and also remind that there are plenty of resources to consult in your robot design process before posting questions on the forum that have clear answers in the Game Manual.

Ps- to forum friends - maybe we do not need to invoke DROW every single time, but instead flag the posts for the many informed forum moderators to handle the kinds of well intentioned posts.


Me too! For sure! (something about 20 character comes to mind)


Thank you too for the help and tips.