If we're going to call an air cylinder a "pneumatic" then we should call V5 motors "electrics"!

Sound a little strange, doesn’t it? :slight_smile: Here’s some examples:
So “pneumatic” is an adjective, not a noun. It’s used to describe the type of cylinder in a fluid power system, i.e. “pneumatic cylinder” or “hydraulic cylinder.” I will say it’s a step up from calling air cylinders “pistons.” (If you’re going to call your air cylinders “pistons” then you should call your motors “armatures” for consistency, since we’re referring to the small moving part within the unit.)

As someone who is both an engineer and educator, I’d encourage students to learn proper terminology when discussing technical stuff. Outside of the student-robotics-world, such as every technical manual, catalog, manufacturer’s website, etc, these actuators are always called air cylinders or pneumatic cylinders.

It’s also easier to spell:
piston air cylinder meme


Just get good and don’t have them :man_shrugging:

To be serious though, just even say cylinder. Pneumatics are the whole system, specifically AS A WHOLE. (I think I’m right).

If you wanna say pneumatic, say pneumatic cylinder, its all easy to spell anyways.


Can’t wait for discussions about hydraulics for next seasons Water Games ™.


Everything should be called pneumatics; that way, there can be no confusion. Well, either “pneumatics” or “controller.”

Pneumatics is still far better than “air motor”:


Nah, air motor gang.

I’m gonna start calling them this now because its so wrong its wrong.