If you bought a Vex Programming Kit with ver 1.x of EasyC, What ar the Upgrade Costs?

What is the Upgrade Cost to upgrade to EasyC ver 2.x from EasyC ver 1.x??

What is the Upgrade Cost to upgrade to EasyCPro ver 3.x from EasyC ver 1.x??

I am interested in both versions, because I like to be able to answer questions for people that have any of the versions of EasyC.

Hi Mark,
Updating from easyC 1.X to 2.X is $50 (part number: 63-2060-2800)
Updating from easyC 1.X to PRO is $195 (part number: 63-2060-3001)

I see you’re with an FRC team - We offer a special discount on easyC PRO to FRC teams for $99. Feel free to PM or email me for details.


What if I wanted to update to EasyC 2.x, and then EasyC Pro?? Would there be a discount on the $195.00 price??? Or is EasyC 2.x the “entry level” now??

EasyC V2 is currently the “entry level” easyC. It is currently included in the Vex Programming Kit.

The upgrade to PRO is from any previous version of easyC, whether it be V1 or V2.