If you could replay a cortex era game on V5, which would it be?

  • Round Up
  • Gateway
  • Sack Attack
  • Toss Up
  • Skyrise
  • Nothing But Net
  • Starstruck
  • In The Zone

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Skyrise seemed like a really fun mix of precision with the Skyrise and posts and speed with the cubes. You’d need to probably add a few more cubes to make the game work or add possession limits, but I would have liked to play that game, even with Cortex.

I do understand In The Zone currently being second though; I genuinely believe the meta would have evolved into six motor drive, and then creative uses for a lift, mogo holder, and intake with the remaining two motors and pneumatics. That would make the game even more fun to play from a driver’s perspective.


It would be a handy way to create a season with early momentum and confidence, and event staff training would be less of a burden with all the case analysis available. I’d be in favour of a reboot, even if only to make certain next season is a joy for all the students who suddenly lost closure and are now wrestling with supply issues around a so-far largely meta-proof game for the fresher teams.


I want to play the IQ game Bank Shot with the bigger robots. They would need two scoring zones.

We’ve done home made games in the past, and we made the field into a + ( plus shape) and would do that for this game. Sources in one set of arms, goals in the other arms. Center is the interaction zone. I’d limit bots to being 18x18 for the entire game.


It would be amazing if there was a place with every game set up and multiple common robot designs provided for you to play them with. That would be incredible from a driving standpoint.

I feel like the worlds event could be even bigger if they had a few past games set up for people to play, and if they unveiled the new game at the end of the competition and had it set up on the playing field.


I’ve often thought about how I writing done with V5 instead of cortex in ITZ. Those robots either been really cool with V5. That extra speed would’ve been amazing.

Looks like you forgot some of the earlier games, like Cleansweep, Elevation, and Bridge Battle.

I personally would like to see a more complex game like Skyrise or In The Zone played with V5 equipment (it would be cool to see how teams manage motor limits while being able to score everything).

Also a more simple game like Cleansweep or Round Up would be fun, especially with how fast game elements would be descored.

Yup early games are distant memories for some and non-existent for others …

The reason I like Toss Up is the vertical obstacle course - which would provide nice challenges for people for VEX GPS placement, or could cause a little havoc with gyros and inertial sensors. Moreover, fun mega size objects and small ones… The variety was fun.

I would remove the changing the robot placement during autonomous rule :frowning:


I’d like to actually play Turning Point with V5 (before worlds)!


Clean Sweep, Elevation, and Bridge Battle were all played on PIC microcontroller, so they were pre V5 era, but not cortex. I decided to exclude them because they were in such early stages of competitive Vex that the fun aspect relied on people not knowing what they were doing. In the pre 2010 era, if you could score game elements relatively quickly, reliably, you were a world class team. Those games all on V5 would be too simple and not much of a challenge for teams with the knowledge today.


sounds sort of like another game we had recently.


Didn’t feel like taking the thread there, but all I will say is that Change Up would be an amazing classroom challenge. Terrible at a competitive level but amazing for teaching skills.